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My name is Susan. I'm a writer, editor, and business owner strategically located in the suburbs of Washington, DC.

The short story about me: I come from a long line of prairie people who settled Kansas, but I (mis)spent most of my youth in Reston, Virginia. I have a B.S. (how appropriate) in journalism from Kansas University (go Jayhawks!) and an M.S. in Urban and Environmental Policy from Tufts. I spent my twenties in Boston, a city I still love and miss. I'm now back in Reston, where I've replaced smoky nights in bars pining for bad boy musicians with sunny days hanging at the pool with my family.

My novel, Confessions of a Frog Kisser, is more a less a collection of dating stories woven into a story. Much is based on truth, although I like to think I had better judgement than Sam!

Life is funny, and you never know where things will take you. I wrote the book to understand my lack of a love life. As a result of marketing my book, I met a fabulous man on MySpace. He surpasses my dreams, so I married him. My life is very different now than it was in 2005 when I wrote the book.

My career has been varied: magazine editor, freelance writer, management consultant, waitress, real estate agent, maid, laundry girl, and beer wench...not necessarily in that order. These days I own several wonderful businesses.

Rejuvenations Massage Therapy is my husband's baby, and I get to help him. It's the largest independently-owned massage therapy center in Northern Virginia. I love this business. His staff help people destress and feel great. It's fun being a part of it.

Two Sisters Creative is the biz with my sis. It's a full service graphic design and communications agency. Our mission is to do good work for good people and have a good time doing it. Incidentally, Two Sisters is not just an accurate description of the relationship between to the two owners. It is a type of rose, known to be rugged and adaptable to any climate. That's us...rugged and adaptable.

You may think I've got enough going on, but no...there is more.

I decided there was some potential with a line of Frog Kisser products to go along with the book. Frog Kissers: Unique Gifts for Fun Chicks offers a range of tee-shirts, mugs, journals and other fun gifts. It's also the place to get my novel these days.

I've also entered the world of Affiliate know, where I make money by putting ads on web sites. It is very interesting, and I am learning so much. Right now, I'm trying lost of things to see what sticks. I've launched 2 sites, and I can't wait to see what happens!

Susan and Rick
Me and hubby Rick goofing off with our new camera.

Massage from Stacy at Rejuvenations Massage Therapy
My modeling debut: the photo shoot for Rejuvenations Massage Therapy in honor of making the Washingtonian Best Places list.

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