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Friday, February 02, 2007

Keeping My Head Above Water...Maybe

Life has become a bit of a juggling act these days, something that seems to be epedimic. Every time I talk to a friend, we compare notes on how insane things are. I won't go into the details of the myriad things stretching me in a million directions...I'll just start hyperventilating again (and no, I have no idea if I spelled that correctly).

Right now, I'm working on psyching myself up to head out in the drizzle and tackle Beltway rushhour traffic for two meetings in Bethesda. I'm looking forward to both meetings: the first is with two collegues from the design world who I'm interviewing for an article. The second is with a potential Arbonne business builder who has literally fallen in my lap. Both are things to cheer about. I just have to get through that commute first. But maybe people are working at home today to avoid the bad weather. Or maybe I'll be able to leave late enough to miss the worst of it. The drive will be pleasant, the drive will be pleasant, the drive will be pleasant.

Yep, mantras and positive self talk have become one way I deal with my spastic life. Pizza, popcorn, and chocolate are the other. I especially need to use these mantras when I know I'm not going to get to go to yoga. And today I think I'm not going to get to go to yoga. Sigh.

How do you deal with the insanity of life? I'm very curious about what people do to keep their head above water, and how they focus on healthy things rather than self destructive (self destructive being the pizza).



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Talking figuratively, I think sometimes we get way too worked up about things and events in life and we struggle to stay afloat. But, if we remember to relax and learn to use the natural buoyancy of life-, we might even start enjoying the process and learn to swim elegantly.

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3/17/2007 3:04 PM  

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