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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My First Book Signing

I had my first real book signing last (real defined as I was formally invited to speak at a lecture series, the put ads in the paper for it, and I had to read from my book and talk about my creative process). The short conclusion from the experience is that if I could survive that one, I can do anything. In fact, it was fun, and I would love to do more of it...just as long as my sister Karen is there to do the actual reading for me.

Why do I choose the word survive? Oh, there is a reason.

Six months ago when I was approached to be a speaker at the Reston Presents series, I thought it sounded great. I'd get to talk to a Reston audience about my book set in Reston. The organizers would do all the publicity and I just had to show up.

That was all true. However, what they didn't tell me was that Reston Presents is a lecture series geared toward senior citizens. A lovely group of individuals, albeit not quite the target audience for Confessions of a Frog Kisser.

So, there I was, standing in front of about 15 people, most of whom were there for the cookies. I started talking about why I wrote the book, feeling very silly talking about my wild exploits that led to the book. Then I read a few pages, blushing when I had so say the words sex and get laid. Apparently I read way too softly and way too fast. I was directed to please use the microphone for the next passage. Next passage? I'd only planned to read one passage! But the crowd wanted me to read to them about the frogs. Frogs, frogs, frogs please!

Now, I know the book is about frogs. Theoretically, that means there are passages about frogs in the book. Could I readily find one? No. No worries because we needed the time it was taking me to find a passage for the maintenance man to come in and switch on the microphone. I'll spare details of that except to say it felt like a scene taken directly from Bridget Jones' Diary. The microphone didn't help anyway...I still spoke too softly and too fast for my audience's taste. Let me take this opportunity to thank my sister for coming, and triple thank her for stepping up to the podium to read, at a perfect timbre, the frog passage. The audience loved it. They laughed and cried, and were very pleased.

That crisis over, they asked a lot of great questions, and were very engaged in the discussion. Especially when the topic turned to my current dating situation. My poor, darling beau...the Reston seniors are not convinced he isn't another frog, despite the fact Karen defended him as being a great guy. I think they want me to keep dating frogs so I can write more books.

Then there was the man who informed me that the Bible says we must have children, and we must be married to do that, and did I address that in my book. Uh..... Let's just say, I need to work on my "OMG what is this person saying?" face. He didn't buy a book.

When all was said and done, it was a wonderful (if not a little surreal) event. I had fun. And sold some books. I'd definitely do it again. Especially if my hecklers are going to say things like: "you look 25." I love senior citizens.

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